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  231  2015  Heilsa - Sjúkrakassagrunnurin  Maria Skaalum Petersen  Verkætlan  Liðug 
 Defining the genetic etiology of Alzheimer’s disease in the Faroe Islands 
  232  2015  Heilsa - Sjúkrakassagrunnurin  Turið Hammer  Ph.d.verkætlan  Liðug 
 Inflammatory Bowel Disease in the Faroe Islands 
  233  2015  Heilsa - Sjúkrakassagrunnurin  Noomi Oddmarsdóttir Gregersen  Verkætlan  Liðug 
 Identifying and analysing genetic risk variants for panic disorder in the isolated population of the Faroe Islands 
  234  2016  Heilsa - Sjúkrakassagrunnurin  Noomi Oddmarsdóttir Gregersen  Verkætlan  Virkin 
 Identifying breast cancer susceptibility genes in the Faroese population and its relation to hereditary breast-ovarian cancer syndrom 
  235  2017  Heilsa - Sjúkrakassagrunnurin  Katrin Eivindsdóttir Danielsen  Verkætlan  Virkin 
 Preventing cardiac disease through improved neonatal screening 
  236  2017  Heilsa - Sjúkrakassagrunnurin  Marnar Súnason Kristiansen/Maria Skaalum Petersen  Ph.d.-verkætlan  Virkin 
 Cancer epidemiology in the Faroe Islands 
  237  2019  Heilsa - Sjúkrakassagrunnurin  Maria Skaalum Petersen  R&D  Fer í gongd 
 Microbiom and Parkinson’s disease 
  238  2019  Heilsa - Sjúkrakassagrunnurin  Turið Hammer  R&D  Fer í gongd 
 Causes and costs of the high incidence of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in the Faroe Islands 
  239  2019  Heilsa - Sjúkrakassagrunnurin  Eina H. Eliasen  Ph.d.  Fer í gongd 
 The health status in Faroese septuagenarians and actogenarians from an objective and subjective perspective 
  240  2019  Heilsa - Sjúkrakassagrunnurin  Jacobina Kristiansen  Ph.d.  Virkin 
 Effect of long-term exercise on haemostasis and inflammation compared with standard care in patients with stable coronary artery disease. 
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