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Identification of postnatal depression in a small-scale environment

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Anna Sofía Fjallheim

Sjúkrarøktarfrøðiskúlin, Fróðskaparsetur Føroya

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362,384 kr.

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217.431 kr.

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Postnatal depression is a condition affecting between 10 and 15% of all mothers giving birth (McGarry Joanne 2009, Pawlby 2007). Postnatal depression can untreated develop into a long process (Crotty & Sheehan 2004; Goodman 2004) with negative consequences for the woman (Da Costa 2006), her partner, (Seehusen 2005 ; Roberts et al 2006), the mother-child interaction (Stanley et al 2004) and eventually also the child's emotional, linguistic and cognitive development, especially when PND occurs in the child's first year of life (Murray and Cooper 1996; Murray et al., 2003, Joanne McGarry 2009).

Women with postnatal depression do not proactively seek help (Mayberry et al 2007, Joanne McGarry 2009, Bech 2009). As the the Faroe Islands can be considered as a small-scale society higher degree of transparency and social control, one could imagine that this fear of stigma for Faroese women with postnatal depression.

Therefore this study will examine, which condition, each score on EPDS is corresponds with, starting with a cut off score below what is usually recommended.

The study will include a total population.

Furthermore the study will examine if there are questions in the EPDS, that in higher degree than others measure PND and if there are seasonal variation in number of cases with PND.

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