Year of grant:

Research Area:
Heilsa - Sjúkrakassagrunnurin

Project type:

Project title:
90 years follow-up based on birth records and a mid-life cardiac survey: Building a unique resource for Faroese health researchers.

Grant number:

Project manager:
Sjúrður F. Olsen

Depilin fyri heilsu- og sjúkrarøktarvísindi, Fróðskaparsetrið

Other participants:
Marin Strøm, Bjarki Enni

Project period:

Total budget:
kr. 558.513

Grant from the FRC in DKK:
kr. 398.648

Project description:
This project will leverage on two unique research resources: 1) Information collected from midwife protocols on children born in the Faroe Islands during 1927-1937; and 2) A cardiac study conducted in 1987 in the Faroe Islands among 3000 men aged 50-59 years (and born during 1927-1937), who completed Rose’s angina questionnaire, and of whom selected groups comprising a total of 527 men were examined clinically. We wish to undertake follow-up through clinical records and assess occurrences of cardio-metabolic diseases, cancer, dementia and depression, from 1987 and until today, in this group. This will generate a material that can be used 1) to examine the predictive power of Rose’s questionnaire for cardiometabolic diseases, dementia and depression over a 30 year period; 2) to examine associations between birth weight on the one hand and risk of cardio-metabolic diseases, cancer, dementia and depression on the other from mid-life over a 30 year period into senescence; and 3) for research-based teaching among health research students in the Faroe Islands.

Project status:
Fer í gongd

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