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Inclution in the Faroese Public School: From political visions to implementation in lension between general- and special pedagogy


Frida Poulsen



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From an international and Nordic viewpoint, a large amount of research has been conducted with regards to inclusion and exclusion processes. The research has been conducted at a social, at a welfare-institutional level, at the individual level andi n the interaction between the levels (Hansen, 2019). However, Faroese research does yet not exist on the conveyance of the inclusive principles into general practice in the schools. The project will thus be focusing on exploring the relationship between the translation of political visions and implementation across special pedagogy measures and general pedagogy, seen in the light of different discourses and external influence. In 2006 the United Nations pronounced the Convention on the Right of Persons with Disabilities. Given that the goverment of the Faroe Islands has signed this convention, this project seeks information concerning the effords of implementation of these principles in the Faroese Public School system. With an offset on the notion of inclusion, the paper examines how said notions evolve or halt in the process from the political- to the practical implementation. Furthermore. The project presents dilemmas tensions between the disciplines of Special- and General Pedagogy regarding the implementation of the principles of inclusion. Given the fact that this project concerns the Faroese school system, it also examines external influences on the process, such as Danish and Global trends. Despite major efforts and a relatively large budgeting of the general- and special educational field in the Faroese Public School, there are challenges in the field, which transletes into some criticism of the lack of implementation of inclusive school culture, as well as the organization of the special educational field. These factors serve as background, inspiration and motivation behind this PhD project. The PhD project therefore has a societal relevance, as it seeks to gain knowledge to contribute to the general- and special educational field, which intend to lead towards increasingly inclusive school culture, inclusive strategies and inclusive practices. With a theoretical framework based on work based on works concerning inclusion in education and teaching, the project leans on a systemic ecological research approach. The project will be executed with the case study as a primary research strategy. The empirical evidence will be gathered through the means of participatory observation, focus group interview sand the access to relevant documents. The analytical approach will also be executed using the method of document analysis and discourse analysis.


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