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Náttúra og náttúrutilfeingi

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Project title:
Hjartaklovningur (CMS): Ein vaksandi vandatáttur fyri føroyska laksaalivinnu

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Project manager:
Debes Hammershaimb Christiansen

Verkætlan á Heilsufrøðiligu Starvsstovuni

Other participants:
Britt Bang Jensen, Åse Helene Garseth, Gudny Vang, Marjun Wilhelm, Jonhard Eysturskarð, Kristian Martin Dam, Marner Nolsøe og Andras Strøm

Project period:

Total budget:
kr. 2.186.000

Grant from the FRC in DKK:
kr. 740.000

Project description:
CARDIOMYOPARY SYNDROME (CMS): AN EMERGING RISK FACTOR FOR FAROESE AQUACULTURE? The main objective of the present project is to elucidate if CMS in general is an emerging threat for Faroese aquaculture and specifically if treatments for sea lice pose a risk for the development of CMS. Atlantic salmon farming is one of the most important industries in the Faroe Islands. Since the beginning in the 1970's the production has increased from a few tons to an annual production of around 80.000 tons for the last four years. The salmon export value was a record 3500 million DKK in 2017 and accounted for almost 50 % of the total Faroese export value. Cardiomyopathy syndrome (CMS) is a serious viral disease affecting farmed Atlantic salmon and was a serious disease in the 1990's in Faroe Island. Following a complete reorganization of the industry and the implementation of new legislation on fish farming in the beginning of this millennium, CMS apparently disappeared for almost a decade despite a fast increase in production. In 2014, CMS re-emerged at a marine grow-out site in a fish group originating from eggs imported from Norway. Subsequently the annual cases of CMS has increased and has been associated with increased morbidity and mortality after treatments for sea lice, raising concern in the Faroese farming industry and for the authority. However, knowledge on the risk factors for CMS is nonexistent in the Faroes. Thus, there is an urgent need for increased scientific knowledge on CMS in order for the Faroese authorities and the farming industry to develop efficient management strategies against CMS.

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