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Research Area:

Project type:

Project title:
Breeding experiment of the great scallop from Faroe Bank and examination of prospects of farming the species in the Faroes

Project manager:
Ámundur Nolsø


Project period:

Grant from the FRC in DKK:
167.556 kr.

Project description:
From 22-24 August 2007 Fiskivinnuskúlin in Vestmanna in co-operation with P/F Thor conducted an expedition to the Faroebank, primarily with a view to collect live specimens of the great scallop (Pecten maximus) and bring them ashore for further investigation. The survey proved successful in collecting 85 specimens, of which about 50 survived the handling and transportation to the Biological laboratory in Kaldbak. They are now being temporary storage in submerged cages.

The scheduled project can be divided into two phases:

Phase 1: Runs over a period of about a year, during which the objective is to breed spat and juveniles from the collected great scallops to a size of 15mm, when the specimens are likely to survive a transfer to farming cages/nets at sea.

Phase 2: Spans from year 2 trough year 4. During this period the bred specimens will be farmed on selected localities and monitored regarding growth and survival, hence it should be possible to estimate whether the species is qualifies for farming in the Faroes.

Project status:

Project output:
Please see the project "Ongoing breeding experiment" by Ámundur Nolsø for details on the project.

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