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The Old Greek of Ezekiel in the History of Jewish Biblical Interpretation

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Kevin Joensen

University of Aberdeen

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204.000 kr.

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This project undertakes an examination of the relationship between the MT and the Old Greek (“LXX”) texts of the book of Ezekiel. Features that form a connection between the MT and the LXX of Ezekiel will be compared and analysed, such as linguistic peculiarities, translation technique(s), and theological concerns and interpretations. How may the relationship between the two texts be described? To what degree may Ezekiel LXX be claimed to be a translation of Ezekiel MT? Is there theological agreement between Ezekiel LXX and Ezekiel MT, or does Ezekiel LXX reveal theological interests and/or peculiarities that differ from the MT? Can “contemporary influences” be seen in Ezekiel LXX? This study will shed light on the linguistic, cultural and theological context of Second Temple Judaism and offer insights into the status of, the attitudes to, and the understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures.

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