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Náttúra og náttúrutilfeingi

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Persónleiki hjá rognkelsum (Cyclopterus lumpus) og hvussu hesin ávirkar teirra nyttu sum reinsifiskur.

Project manager:
Ása Johannesen


Grant from the FRC in DKK:
651.000 kr

Project description:
The farming of Atlantic Salmon in the North Atlantic region has grown rapidly in the past few years. It is now reaching carrying capacity due to space restrictions as well as limitations imposed by pathogens due to the high intensity of farming. One particular problem common to most salmon farmers in the North Atlantic is that of sea lice (Lepeophtheirus salmonis). These are external parasites that consume mucus, scales and even skin of salmon causing wounds and in rare cases mortality in salmon cages.

Salmon farmers make extensive use of chemotherapeutants to rid salmon of lice, but one of the greatest problems facing salmon farmers is that of salmon lice becoming resistant to treatments faster than new ones enter the market. One alternative is adding cleaner fish to salmon cages, which consume the salmon lice and this approach has been successful in e.g. Scotland, Ireland and Norway.Unfortunately, the most successful cleaner fish species known are not native to the Faroe Islands and do not cope well with the cold waters of Iceland, Northern Norway and the Faroe Islands. A potential alternative is the lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus). Pilot studies on the Faroe Islands and in Norway indicate that lumpfish do clean salmon to some extent. However, little is known about the behaviour of lumpfish and data so far indicates that only approximately one third of all lumpfish clean.

This study will investigate the cleaning efficiency of lumpfish in large scale salmon farm trials as well as whether behavioural syndromes or personality can be related to cleaning efficiency. We will conduct observational studies on site at salmon farms as well as lab studies with individual lumpfish to enable salmon farmers to optimise their use of lumpfish. Deliverables will include information on salmon cage setup, husbandry pra ctices, and lumpfish stocking density as well as papers published in scientific journals.

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