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Náttúra og náttúrutilfeingi

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Saccharina latissima (Breiðbløðkutur sukurtari) frá spora til borðisk: hvussu árstíð, tøðsølt og aldu/streym eksponering ávirka góðsku og vøkstur

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Agnes Mols Mortensen

Tari - Faroe Seaweed

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Grant from the FRC in DKK:
645.752 kr.

Project description:
Macroalgae are photosynthesizing organisms that occur in the intertidal and shallow subtidal zones of the rocky shores around the world. The interest in exploiting macroalgae as a resource for food and other purposes in increasing in the western world including the Faroe Islands, and a future sustainable macroalgal industry must be based on cultivation rather than wild harvest. The research of this project will focus on gaining insights into the food quality and growth of the brown algal species Saccharina latissimacultivated in the Faroe Islands based on the following questions:

i) what is the food quality and food potential of S. latissimacultivated in the Faroe Islands, with regard to both food safety and culinary uses?

ii) how will seasonal changes, nutrient availability and current/wave exposure affect growth and the chemical, microbiological, nutritional and bioactive quality in the cultivated S. latissima?

iii) how will different drying processes affect the food quality of the raw material?

iv) how willdifferent culinary processes affect the raw material? From this project we hope to gain an essential knowledge-based foundation that will enable a novel macroalgal industry to develop in the Faroe Islands.

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