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Heilsa - Sjúkrakassagrunnurin

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sMR and Expression of CD 64 Receptors on Neutrophils in Bacteraemia the BiFaSeps Study

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Project manager:
Shahin Gaini

Medisinski Depilin, Landssjúkrahúsið

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Grant from the FRC in DKK:
Final 23.633

Project description:
A prospective observational study sampling plasma, serum, whole blood and frozen bacterial isolates from infected patients with bacteraemia, will be conducted in the Faroe Islands. The sampling will be done in a prospective manner. Detailed clinical information regarding clinical characteristics including severity of infection, focus of infection, coEmorbidity and outcome will be included in the clinical BiFaSeps database. All patients with positive blood cultures and admitted to the National Hospital Faroe Islands, will be included. The sampling period of the BiFaSeps study will be from 1E1E2016 to 31E12E2017. We expect to sample over 200 bacteraemic patients and 100 controls. The biobank will be used for several studies focusing on diagnostic test abilities and prognostic test abilities of biomarkers, focusing in the first phase of the BiFaSeps study on sMR levels and CD64 expression on neutrophils. Later on other proteins, cytokines and inflammatory markers (altough not human DNA or human genetic markers) will be examined using biobank material from the BiFaSeps study. sMR is a soluble mannose receptor with the potential to be a biomarker for activation of macrophages and dendritic cells in different situations, including the presence of infectious pathogens. CD64 is an FcEgammaER1 receptor for IgG on on different leukocytes. In difference to other leukocytes the expression of CD64 is low in neutrophils in the nonEinfected individuals. When the immune system is exposed to infectious pathogens, there is a rapid increase in the expression of CD64 on neutrophils. Levels of sMR will be measured with an inE house ELISA at Aarhus University Hospital and the expression of CD64 will be measured by flowcytometry at the National Hospital Faroe Islands. The diagnostic and prognostic test abilities of sMR and CD64 expression on neutrophils in bacteraemic patients will be examined in the BiFaSeps study.

Project status:

Project output:
The BiFaSeps Study was planned to run in the period 1st January 2016 ti 31st December 2019. Different causes have done it impossible to do so. The project was in a waiting position for a long time due to several reasons. The PI finally decided to stop the project since there wasn't enough staff and time to run the projct.

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