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Vandaílegur fyri ADHD í Føroyum

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August G. Wang


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Oddbjørg Johansen, Marjun Biskopstø, Tórmóður Stórá, Ole Mors, Anders Børglum, Guðrið Andorsdóttir

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ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) has attracted considerable interest. The lifetime risk is estimated to be about 2-4%.

The disorder has possible been poorly defined, but research criteria have been reached internationally.

Our research group is a Faroese-Danish group that has ventured into psychiatric genetics on the Faroe Islands since 1997. The Faroe Islands are possible well suited for this as a genetic isolate by founder effect and genetic drift.

The latest years have rendered more technical possibilities, especially with nest sequencing teqniques, by whole genome or whole exome sequencing.

We have done studies on schizophrenia, affective disorders and panic disorder. Now we want to add ADHD to the list. We want to contact and possible sequence about 100 ADHD persons by whole-exome sequencing.

We have through the other studies about 250 control persons. These numbers are small by todays standards, but possible by the genetically enriched Faroese population.

The idea is to find possible candidate genes that in more outbred populations are rare, but on the Faroes possible more frequent. Such genes could then be target for further studies downstream and by gene-environment studies in order to better understand the mechanisms behind the risk.

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