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Náttúra og náttúrutilfeingi

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Kanningar og nýtsla av boriholsmátingum í føroyskum basalti.

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Project manager:
Óluva R. Eidesgaard


Other participants:
Lars Ole Boldreel, Jana Ólavsdóttir, Niels Hemmingsen, Schovsbo

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Project description:
Since petroleum exploration initiated in the Faroese area more than 20 years ago, little studies have been done on the possibility of using well logs in order to understand the volcanic sequences of the FIBG.

The main aim of this PhD project is to test and understand the usage of different well logs in order to, in a broader sense, understand the volcanic sequence of the Faroe Islands Basalt Group. This will be done by the use of available data from well logs, reports, and other existing data. If necessary new field data and analysis will be done mostly for comparison purposes. It is proposed that the depositional environments and the petrophysical properties relevant to both water and hydrocarbon reservoir quality of the volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks will be studied using cores and wire-line logs from the existing onshore wells and accompanied well logs. It is presumed that the volcaniclastic lithologies represented in these onshore boreholes together with the drilled lava flows are representative for most volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks in the FIBG. Additional lithologies/depositional environments may be sampled either from existing geotechnical cores or from exposures.

The project will hopefully add a dimension to the general understanding of physical science and the geology of the Faroe Islands, and will hopefully bridge to a better understanding of the volcanic, volcaniclastic and mixed water and hydrocarbon reservoirs within the Faroe area.

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