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Research Area:
Náttúruvísindi og tøkni

Project type:
Vinnu Ph.d.- verkætlan

Project title:
Ensuring Grid Stability and Supply Reliebility in a 100% Renewable Electricity Sector in the Faroe Islands

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Project manager:
Helma Maria Tróndheim

SEV, Aalborg Universitet

Other participants:
Bárður A. Niclasen, Fróðskararsetur Føroya

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Project description:
The purpose of this project is to plan how a 100% renewable electricity sector in the Faroe Islands by 2030 can be achieved, with a focus on the grid stability and reliability. The first part of the investigation will revolve around the optimal mixture of different production and long-term storage technologies based on availabe resources, the advancement of the technologies and economics. This will be done by using tools developed for the purpose. Renewable energy sources are to a degree unpredictable, and in addition to this, they are less capable of providing the anciltary service that conventional generators can. This introduces regarding to the grid reliability and stability. Ensuring a stable and reliable grid is the main focus of this research project. The initiatives necessary to ensure a strong grid will be investigated, considering both traditional and state of the art technologies. A plan for the frequency and voltage stability on transmission level will be developed and tested using power system simulations. Finally, if time allows it, an economical assessment of the transition a 100%renewable sector will be conducted.

Project status:

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