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Mentan og samfelag

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Childhood and Gender in the Faroe Islands

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Ivonna Johansen


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Erika Hayfield, Fioruz Gaini

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The intend of this Ph.D. project is to explore how gender discourse affects the lives of boys and girls in the Faroe Islands as a small island society, that to some extend still builds on traditional family structure and traditional views on gender. Currently there is no systematic study of childhood in the Faroe Islands and therefore there is a lack of knowledge about childhood in the Faroe Islands. The research gap makes this study relevant, as it is of importance to gain knowledge about what it means to be a boy and girl growing up in the Faroe Islands. Childhood in the Faroe Islands is likely to differ from childhood in larger societies and urban areas as they build on a different history and culture that does not uncritically compare to a small island society like the Faroe Islands. The aim is to find out how children navigate and participate in daycare institution and home as the two main contexts in their lives, and to what extend gender discourse affect their opportunities to act and participate in the two contexts with adults and peers. Many studies present research from one context, which one might argue provides a fragmented perspective of a child's life. This study will contribute with insight into two significant contexts, daycare institution and home in which children live their everyday lives. The ambition is to gain an understanding of how children navigate in the two contexts and how they act and make sense of the possible discrepancies between them. The study has an ethnographic approach and includes participant observation and interviews with children, daycare staff and parents in daycare institutions and homes in three islands. Poststructuralistic feminism is the theoretic foundation of the study, which means that power relations, discourse analysis and deconstruction of spoken statements is the main analytic approach.

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