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Mentan og samfelag

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Digital Repatriation of Faroese manuscripts

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Sean Douglas Vrieland

Københavns Universitet og Føroyamálsdeildin á Fróðskaparsetrinum

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This projekt is a comprehensive study of Faroese manuscripts held in repositories outside of the Faroe Islands. The primary objective is to identify and investigate all Faroese manuscripts held in Copenhagen, which are estimated to be around sixty items, and to create catalogue entries to be published on the online open-access database Simular investigations of the handful of manuscripts held in Lund and Reykjavík will help complete the corpus og the project. The second objective is to publich a volume highlighting the results of the project at a broader audience interested in Faroese cultural heritage, including students at the Department og Faroese at the University of the Faroe Islands. Written in English, Faroese, and Danish, the volume will also contain high-quality images to make the matreial more accessible to a public audience. The project works in collaboration with the Arnamagnæan Institute at the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, University of Copenhagen; the Department of Faroese at the University of the Faroe Islands; the Royal Danish Library; the National Library of the Faroe Islands; the National and University Library of Iceland, and Lund University Library. The project includes a three-month research stay in Tórshavn, hosted by the Department of Faroese at the University og the Faroe Islands. During this research stay, the Pl will be able to access archival materials held at the University and at the National Library of the Faroe Islands. Fieldwork in the form of excursions to the various locations on the Faroe Islands which are relevant to the manuscript corpus will also take place, combined with public outreach to the local communities. A two-day conference on post-medieval manuscripts from the North Atlantic region, including the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland and England will provide an opportunity for scholars working with these different national cultural heritages to exchange ideas and help promote further cooperation on the international level.

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