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Tøkni, náttúra og náttúrutilfeing

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Pathways for 100% renewable energy in Nordic Islands- the case of the Faroe Islands

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Uni Reinert Petersen

Aalborg Universitet

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Summary of the project. The Faroe Islands, remotely located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, serve as a good case for studying, how isolated island societias can achieve 100% renewable energy. Although much work has been done on this matter in recent years, following the political goal of reaching 100% renewable electricity in 2030, the main focus in all contemporary studies has been on how electricity should be produced and supplied. Therefore, some questions regarding the rest of the energy system remain open, such as how should the heating sector be converted in terms of 50% of the Faroese CO₂ emissions, going to be converted. Drawing on scientific knowledge and experience from other countries and island societies, this project will perform energy system analysis of different 100% renewable scenarios for the Faroese energy system looking past the current medium-term goal of 2030 in order to recommend a roadmap towards a cost efficient 100% renewable energy system for the Faroe Islands in 2050. Thereby, this project is the first of its kind, and contributes with state-of-the-art research in Smart Energy Systems to inform Faroese dicision-makers and stakeholders in the Faroese energy sector about feasible and sustainable development pathways towards 100% renewable energy for the entire Faroese energy system; including electricity, heating, industry as well as on-and off-shore transport. This research project will be implemented in conjunction with a large international research project in which the project manager has other related tasks of energy system modellin gand analysis.

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Fer í gongd

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