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Tøkni, náttúra og náttúrutilfeing

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Faroese Salmon Lice Prediction Application for Management Purposes

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Tróndur Kragesteen


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Summary of project. Please note that if application is granted, the summary will be published on the Research Council’s website. (Complete description of the project is required and must be enclosed separately, max 10 pages – please consult Formal Requirements and Guidelines for applications) The global production of farmed Atlantic salmon has been steady between 2 and 2.4 mio tonnes for the last decade. The main obstacle for further growth in production with current farming methods is the parasitic salmon louse (Lepeophtheirus salmonis). Substantially efforts and investments are made in the effort to control the salmon lice issue. A management tool predicting the infection pressure and development of the salmon lice populations on the farmed fish would be a viable tool for farmers and decision makers. The aim of the Post-Doc project is to develop a salmon lice forecast application, which can be used as tool to aid in management strategies. The Post-Doc is an expansion of a current PhD project where the machinery for the Faroese salmon lice population dynamics is developed. The first milestone is to do an extended validation of the bio-economic model with all available data (lice counts, number of salmon and treatments). When a robust Faroese model can be established a prediction protocol will be developed and implemented in the user-friendly application. The final part will be to train salmon farm managers to use the application and test different treatment strategies and get feedback from these users to further improve the lice forecast application.

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Fer í gongd

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