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Reducing Maritime Fuel Consumption using Power, Trim, and Rudder Optimization

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Project manager:
Dánjal Jákup Jacobsen


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Grant from the FRC in DKK:
389.453 kr.

Project description:
Maritime emissions of environmentally harmful gasses are currently the focus of much national and international attention.It is expected that after COP15 in Copenhagen this year, these emissions will be targets of regulation. Due to this, as well asconsiderations of fuel costs and international reputation, it would be highly desirable to develop new solutions to the problem of inefficient maritime fuel usage. The proposed project will develop a new joint optimization solution for optimal rudder steering, trimming and powering of large, maritime vessels. The project is based on a previously completed research project that resulted in a commercial trimand power optimization system that is able to increase fuel efficiency by 5 %. The proposed solution is based on empirical mathematical modelling, where a dynamic or predictive system is developed with a structure and parameter settings based on actual operational data collected from actual vessels. It is expected that the new system will add several percent to the energy reduction potential of the current system.

This research project has focused on how to produce an improved rudder control system for a large ferry. The method is based on "machine learning", whereby mathematical models are built on data collected from the actual system (ship). This allows building highly accurate mathematical models that describe the behavior of the vessel in term of the interrelated effects of rudder, weather, trim, power and so on. This model is then used to calculate the optimal settings for a PID controller. at the same time, the best trim is chosen for each voyage based on these same models. With this new approach, the results indicate a potential annual saving of DKK 600,000 for the studied vessel.

Project status:

Project output:
A computer algorithm has been developed that allows control of rudder control parameters and trim. However, it could not be used industrially prior to certification by a class society such as DNV.

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