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Aðrir luttakarar:
Erna Joensen, Eirikur Danielsen, Lena Ziskason, Ingvard Fjallstein, Pia Kupka Hansen og Gunhild Borgersen


Samlaður kostnaður:
kr. 648.859

Stuðul úr Granskingargrunninum:
kr. 423.648

Summary of project. Please note that if application is granted, the summary wlll be published on the Research Council's website. (Complete description of the project is required and must be enclosed separately, max 10 pages - please consult Formal Requirements and Guidelines for applications) The European Water Framework Directive (WFD), which was adopted in 2000, has changed water management in all member states of the European Union. Prior to the WFD most assessment systems were generally not reference- based. Today most European countries have validated benthic quality indices based on deviations from locally established and internationally calibrated baselines that classify the ecological quality (EcoQ) into five categories; High, Good, Moderate, Poor or Bad. The Faroe Islands are not a member state of the European Union, and thus the management is not adapted to the WFD. However, regular investigations have been conducted on the infauna community of soft sediments in Faroese fjords since 1998 as a part of the national monitoring program on the environmental effects from aquaculture. The monitoring programme involves duplicate samples of the infauna community and sediment quality parameters at reference stations located at least 500 m away from the farming areas. Thus, they are not directly impacted by the aquaculture activity and might serve as a baseline in environmental monitoring. In this project, the infauna communlty of all samples from reference stations (~140 dublicate samples) will be analysed. The ecological quality will be investigated by the benthic quality indices applied in the Aquaculture Stewardship Council Salmon Standard and In the Norwegian "Klassifisering av miljøtilstand i vann” as well as other indices. Additional knowledge, such as the organic carbon content, the copper and zinc content, sediment grain composition, water depth and hydrodynamics settings will also be considered when testing the performance of the indices in the search for a Faroese baseline for benthic quality according to the WFD.

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