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Ph.d. verkætlan

The health status in Faroese septuagenarians and actogenarians from an objective and subjective perspective


Eina H. Eliasen

Deildin fyri Arbeiðs- og Almannaheilsu

Aðrir luttakarar:
Maria Skaalum Petersen, Fróði Debess, Pál Weihe, Ian J. Deary og Marin Strøm.


Samlaður kostnaður:
kr. 1.883.494

Stuðul úr Granskingargrunninum:
kr. 1.076.896

The health status in Faroese septuagenarians and octogenarians from an objective and subjective perspective Based on a multidimensional health assessment, the aim of this project is to gain increased insight into the health status of a genetically homogenous elderly Faroese population and variations within this cohort; to examine health trajectories and outcomes as the cohort ages and to identify determinants of good health and longevity. Healthy aging has become a subject of crucial importance in our aging world. The number of elderly people in the world will increase significantly over the coming decades, hence, their health and well-being is a growing concern. A key question for the future is if the added years are lived in good health and independency, i.e. living in own homes, or are people living longer experiencing functional and mental decline with need for health care and social care? Mainly, there are two different views of healthy aging: a) healthy aging from the perspective of the older persons themselves and b) objective measurements of healthy aging determined by researchers. The multidimensional concept of healthy aging and the nature of aging makes it necessary to combine information across many different measures of health to assess a healthy aging phenotype. The proposed PhD study takes advantage of data collected from the Faroese Septuagenarian cohort at baseline in 2007/2008, when participants were 70-74 years and at 10-year follow-up in 2018. Clarification of health status in the elderly and changes in health components over a 10 years period may improve our knowledge of the health status of the elderly Faroese and the aging process. Thus, this project will contribute with knowledge regarding the aging process in elderly people in general but maybe more importantly also greatly to local knowledge regarding a multidimensional health profile of Faroese elderly.


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