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Effect of long-term exercise on haemostasis and inflammation compared with standard care in patients with stable coronary artery disease.


Jacobina Kristiansen

Depilin fyri heilsu- og sjúkrarøktarvísindi, Fróðskaparsetrið

Aðrir luttakarar:
Anne-Mette Hvas, Steen Dalby Kristensen, Magni Mohr, Erik L, Grove.


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kr. 4.023.961

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kr. 816.745

Background: The number of patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) is increasing, and exercise training has a central role in the rehabilitation of these patients. Exercise is recommended at least 5 times per week, as it reduces the risk of cardiovascular death and hospital admissions. Haemostasis and inflammatory activity in the arterial wall are unfavourably altered in CAD patients compared to healthy controls. The relatively sparse evidence from previous studies is conflicting, and further investigation is warranted. Objective: To investigate if exercise training is associated with favourable effects on haemostasis and inflammation. Material and methods: The study is a randomised controlled trial. A total of 150 CAD patients and 25 age- and sex- matched individuals without CAD will undergo a short-term strenuous exercise intervention. Subsequently, patients will be randomised to either a supervised long-term exercise program for 3 months or standard care. Blood samples will be obtained at baseline and post exercise in both short- and long-term exercise groups. Platelet turnover, platelet aggregation, coagulation, fibrinolysis, and inflammatory biomarkers will be measured. Results: In the short-term exercise groups, we will compare measurements at baseline with measurements immediately after and 2 hours after strenuous exercise. We will additionally compare measurements of CAD patients with healthy individuals. During long-term exercise, between-group responses will be compared, and blood samples obtained one, two and three months after randomisation will be tested against baseline. Perspectives: Exercise is a non-pharmacological low-cost treatment, which is recommended on a daily basis in CAD patients. The present study clarifies the effects of short- and long-term exercise on haemostasis and inflammation in CAD patients with the aim of paving the way for novel treatment strategies and evidence-based recommendations on exercise training.


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