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Original: Mentanarligur samleiki hjá ungdómi í Føroyum.
Final: Føroyskur ungdómur: Ein mentanarlig lýsing


Firouz Gaini

Fróðskaparsetur Føroya (SSD)

Aðrir luttakarar:
Eyðun Andreassen
Jóan Pauli Joensen

Original: 15.5.2001 - 14.11.2004
Final: 1.8.2001 - 21.4.2006

Samlaður kostnaður:
1.240.998 kr.

Stuðul úr Granskingargrunninum:
1.184.327 kr.

Original description:
Kanning av mentanarliga samleikanum hjá ungdómi í Havn. Fyri at skilja tey ungu (og teir trupulleikar tey hava at dragast við) noyðast vit at kanna, hvussu mentan, livikor og familjuviðurskifti teirra eru. Eg ætli at fylgja einum 8. flokki í eitt ár.

Final Report:
Faroese Youth – A cultural Approach
The aim of this project was to study the youth of contemporary society by a cultural approach with the concepts of leisure, future and lifestyle in focus. Even if the fieldwork was carried on in the capital the project involved the whole society, because a considerable part of the data stem from village communities. The aim was hence to describe the lifestyle and leisure activities of young people with these main questions in mind: What is Faroese youth culture? What border and groups are to be found in the youth population? How much has the youth changed during the last decades? The last question leads naturally to the following question about the process of globalization: How strong and wide is the influence from abroad?

The results of my research says something about the societal situation during the last 10-15 years, indeed, especially in the beginning of the 21th century, and is therefore relatively distanced from the former traditional society that has been given attention in many other books before. Today we have, I argue, a society that can be characterized as a latemodern society, a reflexive modernity, where premodern traditions, even if they have not perished completely, are not ‘natural’ entities anymore. They are not obvious because individuals choose customs selectively according to personal strategies and priorities.

Young people have in general higher demands today and have more options when choosing lifestyle, education and career. This is e.g. demonstrated when we look at the Faroese youth’s view on the fishing industry. The youth has new priorities, manifold dreams and are indeed influenced by the novelties from the global youth culture arena. The future, in our days and age, for the young as well as for other age groups, is an unpredictable dimension. The young people will have travel to the land of future without maps. They travel alone or in small groups. They have to find their own way into adult life.


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